Reactors & Pressure Vessels

Shenzhen IVS Flow Control Co., Ltd designs and manufactures a broad range of pressure vessels and reactors for both bench-scale and pilot plant applications. With 380+ reactor/ultra high pressure vessel designs, we offer a wide array of reactors/vessels to meet varied size, material, pressure and temperature requirements. When your application requires specific performance characteristics, IVS will provide a custom reactor designed to meet your needs. Our engineering and technical support team will help you identify the correct parameters, ranging from exotic materials to unusual sizes and connections, and then incorporate the appropriate approvals, including ASME. High Pressure also offers several economical, versatile Pressure Vessels designed for a variety of applications, including customized designs.

The reactors can be provided with different types of closures such as O-ring Seal closure, Bolted Closure, Clover Leaf closure or other Custom closures as per specific needs. That allows the operator to handle the loading/unloading in a most possible convenient manner.

Main Technical Data:

l  Design pressure: up to 320MPa (or on request)

l  Design Temp: up to 620℃

l  I.D: up to 600mm

l  Length: up to 16meters (or on request)

l  Sealing method: Custom design


Tubular Series Ultra High Pressure Vessels (Up to 16meters in Length)


High Pressure Hydrogen Environmental Vessel

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