High Pressure Needle Valves up to 6,000 PSI (413 bar)
  High pressure needle valves up to 6000 psi FEATURES & BENEFITS
Standard 316 stainless steel, optional Alloy 20, and Alloy C276 construction.
Valve stem back seating against the bevelled edge of bonnet in fully open position prevents maximum leakage through bonnet when packing fails.
Standard non-rotating stem disc and stem packing below the threads design
Max. Working Pressure: Up to 6000 PSI (413 bar)
Temperature Ratings: up to 450°F (232°C) with PTFE packing
1200°F (648°C) with Grafoil packing
End Connections: refer to specific needle valve models below


high pressure needle valve up to 6000 psi
High Pressure Needle Valve Model High Pressure Needle Valve connections Needle Valve Orifice
Inlet Outlet Mm (in)
V16A F2N- 1/8" Female NPT 4.0 (0.156)
F4N- 1/4" Female NPT
M4N- 1/4" Male NPT
MF4N- 1/4" Male to Female NPT
D6M- 6 mm dk-lok
D4T- 1/4" dk-lok
SW4T- 1/4" TSW
D8M- 8 mm dk-lok
V16B F4N- 1/4" Female NPT 6.4 (0.25)
F6N- 3/8" Female NPT
D10M- 10 mm dk-lok
D6T- 3/8" dk-lok
D12M- 12 mm dk-lok
D8T- 1/2" dk-lok
SW4P- 1/4" PSW
SW6T- 3/8" TSW
SW8T- 1/2" TSW
V16C F8N- 1/2" Female NPT 11.1 (0.437)
F12N- 3/4" Female NPT
F16N- 1” Female NPT
MF8N- 1/2" Male to Female NPT
MF12N- 3/4" Male to Female NPT
MF16N- 3/4" Male to Famale NPT
D12M- dk-lok 12 mm
D8T- 1/2" dk-lok
D12T- 3/4" dk-lok
D16T- 1" dk-lok
SW8P- 1/2" PSW
SW8T- 1/2" TSW
SW12T- 3/4" TSW

Note: Limited models listed. Please consult our Sales Representative for High Pressure Components if you don't see models that meet your requirement.
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