Quick Connectors up to 6,000 PSI (413 bar)

  • Simple to operate: Push to connect, pull body sleeve to disconnect.
  • SS316 construction with standard Viton O-ring.
  • Brass construction with standard Buna-N O-ring.
  • No tools required to connect and disconnect.
  • Compact and light weight.
316 Stainless Steel and Brass body construction

High Pressure Quick Connectors Model High Pressure Quick Connector connections Pressure rating
DFSA D-4T- 1/4 in. dk-lok 6000 PSI (413 bar)
D-6T- 3/8 in. dk-lok
D-6M- 6 mm dk-lok
M-4N- 1/4 in. Male NPT
M-6N- 3/8 in. Male NPT
M-4R- 1/4 in. Male BSPT
M-4G- 1/4 in. Male BSPP
F-4N- 1/4 in. Female NPT
F-6N- 3/8 in. Female NPT
F-4G- 1/4 in. Female BSPP
F-4R- 1/4 in. Female BSPT
DFSB D-6T- 3/8 in. dk-lok 6000 PSI (413 bar)
D-8T- 1/2 in. dk-lok
M-6N- 3/8 in. Male NPT
M-8N 1/2 in. Male NPT
M-8R- 1/2 in. Male BSPT
M-8G- 1/2 in. Male BSPP
F-6N- 3/8 in. Female NPT
F-8N 1/2 in. Female NPT
F-8G- 1/2 in. Female BSPP
F-8R- 1/2 in. ISO Female Tepered
DFSC- D-12T- 3/4 in. dk-lok 4000 PSI (275 bar)
M-12N- 3/4 in. Male NPT
F-12N- 3/4 in. Female NPT
DFSD- D-16T- 1 in. dk-lok 4000 PSI (275 bar)
M-16N- 1 in. Male NPT
M-16R- 1 in. Male BSPT
F-16N- 1 in. Female NPT
Note: We offer more models than listed here. Please consult our Sales Representative for High Pressure Components if you don't see products that meet your requirment.
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