Paperless Recorder

Paperless recorder is a cost-effective, general purpose DIN size electronic data recorder that easily replaces paper chart recorders, providing the ability to capture continuous and batch data electronically. The data is recorded in a secure digital format, eliminating interpolation errors that can arise from transposing the data from a chart to a spreadsheet for analysis. Via the front-panel USB port, the data is easily imported into a spreadsheet for further analysis. The paperless solution also provides a graphical display, unlike paper recorders, which generally use either scales or digital displays for displaying the process variables.

The multi-channels universal input LCD screen paperless recorder can input signals such as standard electric current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance etc. It has the function of sensor isolated electronic division outputting, relay alarm outputting, transition outputting, flow rate reckoning, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data unloading, printing and remote communication.

paperless recorder


  • Large LCD screen with LED backlight – configuration made easy
  • Bright, Clear Display with freely adjustable Screen contrast
  • display real-time data in digital or trend format.
  • Up to 40 isolated universal input channels
  • Accuracy: 0.2%F.S
  • Internal Alarm Setpoints
  • support up to 2 Gigabytes of Data in USB Memory
  • Software for Graphic Analysis, Printing, Transfer, and Exporting
  • 32 bit high speed microprocessor speed up screen response time to less than 0.2S
  • high capacity internal flash memory to protect data even during power-off
  • Active Matrix TFT Color LCD models also available

Display in large digits

paperless recorder display in large digits
Bar & Trend
paperless recorder display in bar and trend curves
Alarm summary & History
paperless recorder alarm summary and history curve
Input Compensation
paperless recorder input compensation

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