IVS believes that shouldering social responsibility and minimizing our impact   to the planet is a must in today's business world. Therefore,   IVS sticks to a high standard governing ethical standards in its business practices. A   set of policies are applied throughout the company, and there is a management   system to monitor compliance.   Since its inception, IVS has been a company that defines itself by core   values – values that nurture innovative practices that contribute both to the   business and to the well being of society.

corporate social responsibilityIVS Corporation systematically seeks to implement environmentally friendly   and responsible practices in its operations such as waste reduce, water   conservation and energy saving. In addition to its ISO9001 certification, IVS   introduced an internal Corporate Social Responsibility manual, and has strived   to enhance its environmentally friendly practices. In 2008, IVS reduced   packaging material for its high pressure components and test stands by 20%, and recycled 80% of molding water. In addition, the   IVS' operations actively implements electricity conservation and have reduced   overall energy consumption by 25% since 2007. As manufacturer, IVS also avoids excessive packaging of our products to customers. 

Our employee is one of our most valuable assets. IVS continuously improves   the working and living conditions of its staffs, to meet their legitimate rights   and enhance their welfare and benefits, and to provide the platform for   professional development. In its plant of high pressure test stands, which is located in   Shenzhen, China, IVS advocates and shoulders its social responsibilities   proactively.  We strive for elimination of any discrimination and hazardous   working conditions. IVS China also supports an extensive network of social   supports such as subsidized canteen and housing, sports activities, travel and   home leave, health insurance, and bereavement.   At IVS, we also encourage our employees to contribute to society in direct   means. Employees can be qualified to get fully paid annual leave up to 5 days   when volunteer in community service.

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